How to improve your spoken English?

Some tips about improving spoken English: Think in English. 用英语思维思考.

Talk to yourself. 和自己用英语对话.

Use a mirror. 用镜子做为工具.

Focus on fluency, not grammar. 专注流利度,而不是语法.

Try some tongue twisters. 说英文绕口令. Listen and repeat. 听,反复听.

Pay attention to stressed sounds. 注意重音. Sing along to English songs. 唱英文歌.

Learn word forms with new words. 通过新单词学习单词形式.

Learn phrases, not words. 学习短语而不单单是单词.

Learn your most common sayings. 学习英语口头禅.

Prepare for specific situations. 为特定场景准备英语表达.

Relax! 放松!

Tell a story from your language in English. 用英语讲故事.


In no time

We use this expression to say that something will happen very quickly.


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